• AntennasPhoto of IS-5AC


    airMAX IsoStation AC 5 GHz Bridge Featuring a die-cast aluminum base and interchangeable horn antenna, the IsoStation ac with proprietary…

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  • AntennasPhoto of AM-M-V5G-Ti


    ntroducing the airMAX Titanium Sector, which continues the evolution of Ubiquiti’s best-in-class sector antennas. Advanced RF isolation and variable beamwidth…

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  • AntennasPhoto of AM‑5AC21‑60, AM‑5AC22‑45

    AM‑5AC21‑60, AM‑5AC22‑45

    airMAX® ac 2×2 BaseStation Sector Antenna The airMAX® ac Sector Antennas feature significant advances in scalability, noise isolation, and beam performance to…

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  • AntennasPhoto of AP‑5AC‑90‑HD


    5 GHz, 3×30° HD Sector Antenna The innovative airPrism® Antenna features significant advances in noise isolation and beam performance for co‑location…

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